Israel Products List: Check the Complete list of Israeli Brands!

The nation of Israel has an economic boom, religiously significant sites and strained relations with many Arab neighbors. The Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque are some of the country’s most beloved sites. Many Israeli products are famous all over the world. Brands like McDonald’s, Strauss, Ketter, Tivel, Osem, Eden Spring and SodaStream are some examples.

Israel Products List: Check the Complete list of Israeli Brands!

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Israel Products List

Israel’s relations with these countries extend beyond diplomatic and political relations to include commerce, investment, and industry cooperation. Israeli partners Max Fichman and Oded Geller founded renowned chocolatier Max Brenner. Although headquartered in New York, it was founded 25 years ago in Ra’anana, Israel. And many other products manufactured by Israel as follows:

  • diamonds
  • built-in switches
  • crude petroleum
  • Medical supplies
  • instruments for measurement
  • Makeup and Soda Streams
  • Ahava products

The presence of many Israeli businesses in the country’s market has boosted trade relations between the two countries, Alumair, Plasan, Huliot, Metzerplas, IDE, Netafim, Nan Dan Zain, Rivulis, Neolink, and Ecopia are some of them.

Israel brand list 2023

Israel’s economy is suffering significant losses as a result of the continued boycott. Muslims avoid buying Israeli products list to send a message to Israel to stop deporting and physically harming Muslims within their country. Many Israeli products and brands are banned, some of which are:

Medicines, Health, Drug and Food Products

  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Cardiasense Ltd
  • super form
  • Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Food and Dairy Products

  • L’Chaim Vodka
  • Landwehr Coffee
  • Lone Tree Brewery
  • McDavid
  • max brenner
  • may Eden
  • Neviyot (spring water)
  • Noblesse (cigarette)
  • Osem (company)
  • Rabal (company)
  • Strauss Group
  • Tara (Israel)
  • tempo beer industry
  • time (cigarette)
  • Tiw Tam
  • Tanuva
  • vodka perfect
  • Visotzki Tea
  • Angel Bakeries
  • Bamba (breakfast)
  • Barman’s Bakery
  • Bisli (Israeli wheat snack)
  • Carmel Aggrek
  • Carmel Winery
  • cow chocolate
  • Ein Gedi Mineral Water
  • Galilee Green
  • click (candy)
  • Crembo

Clothing and Fashion Accessories

  • Source Sandals (Taking and Hiking Sandals)
  • Eli Tahari
  • TNT (cloth)
  • Tzomet Safarim
  • YVEL (necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets)
  • Leibish & Co. (Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, Fine Jewellery)
  • cassidy
  • Castro
  • Fox (clothing)
  • Gotex (designer swimwear)
  • honigmann
  • canwello
  • Naot (shoes, sandals)

Israel’s main imports and exports

Israel is one of the top suppliers and exporters of fresh citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and the grapefruit-pomelo hybrid that was created there. Israel produces over forty different types of fruits. The top four imports into Israel are oil and other mineral fuels (9% of total imports), machinery and equipment (28% of total imports), diamonds (11% of total imports) and transportation equipment (7% of total imports).

Product CategoriesExportsImports
Export(US$ Mil)Product share(%)Import(US$ Mil)Prod share(%)Weighted Average (%)
Raw materials3,9546.5714,16315.37
Intermediate goods17,72029.4520,35222.08
Consumer goods10,22617.0030,15232.72
Capital goods22,51037.4225,81928.02

Israel’s expenditures in research and development have paid off, as they are now recognized as a major power in the export of high-tech goods in industries such as aerospace, cutting-edge defense technology, and scientific instruments. Their current exports are about $17 billion or about one-third of their total exports.

Israel’s economy

Israel’s economic strategy is to maintain growth while increasingly integrating the national economy into global markets. Under challenging circumstances such as rapid population growth, a boycott by most Arab countries, high defense spending, depletion of natural resources, high rates of inflation, and a small domestic market that restricts the economic benefits of large-scale production, Israel has created. Make progress toward these goals.

Israel Products List: Check the Complete list of Israeli Brands!

Meanwhile, this economic growth has not been consistent. There are significant economic differences among Israeli Jews, while Israeli Arabs often rank at the bottom of the economic scale.

Top Israel Products Used in Countries

Many goods are active in Israel’s economy:

  • An independent manufacturer of cosmetics and lifestyle products, Laline began in a small Tel Aviv store. In addition to having over 100 locations across the country, it has significantly expanded its reach and is now sold internationally.
  • Sabon is the Hebrew word for soap. The products are still sold in Israel under the name “Sabon Shel Pa’am”, meaning “soap of the past.” The business has always made its products from premium natural ingredients such as salt and algae. Their only source of raw materials is the Dead Sea, and they continue to manufacture all of their products in Israel.
  • Beautiful antique jewelry and items for the home are available from Michael Negrin Jewelry in over 65 stores across the US. Thirty years ago, it was a small stand in the handmade market of Nachalat Binyamin.
  • Because of their thick skin and lack of seeds, Jaffa oranges from Jaffa are easy to ship around the world. Israel is an important supplier of Jaffa oranges, especially to the European Union, despite them being also cultivated in other Middle Eastern countries.
  • Daniela Lehavi, an extraordinary designer, creates leather purses, high-quality accessories and shoes. The company takes great pleasure in making all of its products in Israel.

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