Miss Universe 2023 Winner, Pageant Date & Venues

The 72nd Miss Universe pageant known as Miss Universe 2023 is scheduled to take place on November 19, 2023, from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM at the José Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, El Salvador. Contestants from around the world will compete for the coveted title, with the outgoing player’s name yet to be announced handing over her crown to the new winner. It promises to be a spectacular event celebrating beauty, intelligence, and diversity on the global stage.

Miss Universe 2023 Winner, Pageant Date & Venues

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Miss Universe 2023

The 72nd edition of the prestigious Miss Universe 2023 pageant is scheduled to take place in El Salvador on November 19, 2023. This global extravaganza brings together approximately 90 delegates from different countries, all competing for the coveted title. The organization embraces cultural diversity, ethnicities, and faiths, promoting an inclusive and global perspective that celebrates the richness of our world.

Location National Gym
DateSun, Nov 19, 2023, 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM
EntertainmentJohn Legend
Entrants 84
PresentersJeannie Mai; Maria Menounos; Olivia Culpo; Catriona Gray; Zuri Hall
ReturnsDenmark; Egypt; Guyana; Hungary; Ireland; Kazakhstan; Latvia; Mongolia; Norway; Zimbabwe
Website missuniverse.com/

The Miss Universe pageant is beyond just beauty; It provides a safe platform for women to share their stories and experiences. This opportunity helps contestants strengthen their charitable, professional and personal impact on their respective countries. These remarkable women become inspiring role models and leaders, driving change locally and globally. With El Salvador as host of this year’s event, known for its vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes and picturesque beauty, it promises to be a memorable celebration of empowerment and diversity.

Miss Universe 2023 winner

On Sunday, November 19, 2023, from 6:00 am to 9:00 am, El Salvador will host the 72nd Miss Universe pageant, featuring R’Bonnie Gabriel. This country is known for its vibrant culture, enchanting landscape, and breathtaking beauty.

Interestingly, the United States has a remarkable track record with nine wins overall. This trend started when Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson first won the crown in 1954. This is a testament to the country’s enduring success in the competition.

How to watch Miss Universe 2023 finale?

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, and American TV personality Maria Menounos, along with hosts Jeannie Mai and Mai, are set to co-host the grand finale at the Jose Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador. The exciting event is scheduled for Sunday, 18 November, and will be broadcast live on SABC 3 (DStv Channel 193) at 3 am, with a repeat broadcast at 7:30 pm. Same day.

Bryony, one of the contestants, expressed her desire to enjoy every moment, wishing to have time to fully appreciate this incredible experience. She has had the privilege of connecting with extraordinary women from around the world and feels like everything is happening very fast.

Miss Universe 2023 Winner, Pageant Date & Venues

Miss South Africa Organization CEO Stephanie Weil expressed her delight at the overwhelming support South Africans have shown for Bryony. She admires Bryony for her initiative, focus, and leadership qualities, seeing her as an inspiration to young girls wishing to pursue their dreams due to her excellent work ethic as Miss Universe South Africa.

Miss Universe 2023 venue and date

El Salvador has been selected as the host country for this year’s Miss Universe pageant. The event will take place at the José Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, which has a seating capacity of 13,000.

Mark your calendars for the Miss Universe 2023 pageant starting from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Sunday, November 19, 2023. It promises to be a spectacular showcase of beauty and talent from around the world.

Miss Universe 2023 Top 10

  • Mary Jacqueline Stevenson (1954)
  • Carol Ann LaVern Morris (1956)
  • Linda Jean Bement (1960)
  • Sylvia Louise Hitchcock (1967)
  • Shawn Nichols Weatherly (1980)
  • Chelsea Miriam-Pearl Smith (1995)
  • Brooke Antoinette Mahelani Lee (1997)
  • Olivia Frances Culpo (2012)
  • Maria Gabriela de Jesús Isler (2013)
  • R’Bonnie Gabriel (2023)

How many times has Spain won?

Amparo Muñoz, a model from Málaga, has the distinction of being the only woman from Spain to receive this honor in 1974. Spain has a rich history in the Miss Universe pageant, and Athenia Pérez is considered a top contender. For this year’s competition. It will be exciting to see how she represents her country

Venezuela is second among Miss Universe winners

  • Maritza Salayero Fernandez (1979)
  • Irene Lalin Saez Condé (1981)
  • Barbara Pérez Hernández (1986)
  • Alicia Machado (1996)
  • Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada (2008)
  • Stefania Fernandez Crupiez (2009)
  • Maria Gabriela de Jesús Isler (2013)

Despite spending 17 years without winning a Miss Universe title, Puerto Rico is in the top 3 with 5 titles overall. The list of winners is as follows:

  • Marisol Malaret Contreras (1970)
  • Deborah Fatima Carthi Deu (1985)
  • Dayanara Torres Delgado (1993)
  • Denise Marie Quinones (2001)
  • Zuleika Jervis Rivera (2006)

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