NFL East Schedule 2024 – Playoff Picture, Bracket, Team-wise Match Dates

In Week 9 of the NFL season in November 2023, the Chiefs had a crucial win over the Dolphins in Frankfurt, maintaining their lead in the AFC rankings and setting up a crucial tiebreaker over Miami. The game featured a crucial series that demonstrated the Chiefs’ resiliency as they fended off a second-half comeback attempt by the Dolphins, with the win cementing the Chiefs as a strong contender in the competitive AFC landscape in the postseason. Installs in. Keep an eye on the upcoming Week 10 matchups to see how the playoff picture continues to unfold in the NFL East schedule 2024.

NFL East Schedule 2024 – Playoff Picture, Bracket, Team-wise Match Dates

NFL East Schedule 2024

NFL East Schedule Heading into Week 9, the NFL saw notable events in the early slate. The Chiefs had an important 21–14 win over the Dolphins in Frankfurt, the biggest AFC game of the day. While the Chiefs dominated the first half with a 21–0 lead, the Dolphins came back in the second half to create suspense in the game. As the season progresses, all eyes are now on the decisive Sunday Night Football matchup between the Bills and Bengals in Cincinnati, which promises to be an exciting finale to the week.

  • Philadelphia Eagles – September 10, 2022 to January 2023
  • Dallas Cowboys – August 12, 2023 to January 6/7, 2024
  • Washington Commanders – September 10, 2022 to January 2023
  • New York Giants – August 11, 2023 to January 2024

The Ravens scored a key win at home against the Seahawks during the 1 p.m. The slot marks one of the standout wins of the deadline. Impressively, this is the second time in three weeks the Ravens have won over a leading NFL East schedule North team. Additionally, the 49ers regained the top spot in the NFC West, benefiting from their previous regular season win over Seattle. For a detailed team-wise schedule, you can always check the official website of the respective teams.

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NFL East Standings

Late in the window, the Colts picked up a key win against the Panthers, improving their record to 4–5 with a 27–13 victory. Despite being only 1.5 games out of the final playoff spot, they are currently ranked 11th in the competitive AFC. In the post-Josh McDaniels era, the Raiders swept the Giants in the last window, tying with the Colts and keeping their wild card aspirations alive. The Eagles established a significant lead in the NFC East with a crucial 28–23 win over the Cowboys.

NFC EASTW1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9
Philadelphia Eagles135-125+100-140-170-250-180-200-200
Dallas Cowboys+195+135+105+140+170+225+16 0 +165+ 155
Washington Commanders+1300+1300+1800+1700+2000+3000+2800+5000+9000
New York Giants+900+1500+2500+3000+3500+5000+5500+6500+10000

Despite entering Week 3 with a promising 2–0 record, the Washington Commander faced a tough challenge against the Bills. Analysts had expected competitiveness, particularly due to the strength of their defense. However, the Bills regained control early, taking the lead after the first drive and maintaining dominance throughout the game. The final score of 37–3 reflected the Bills’ command, with a 16–0 lead at halftime and three additional touchdowns in the fourth quarter, sealing a decisive victory.

NFL East Schedule 2024

NFL Standings By Week

Following Seattle’s loss to Baltimore, the lead in the NFL West changed early in the frame. Despite the 49ers having a bye this week, the Seahawks, now half a game behind them, moved up to fifth in the conference with a better conference record after their win over Dallas on Sunday. Meanwhile, in the NFC South, New Orleans took a one-game lead over Atlanta. The Falcons suffered a home loss to the Vikings after giving up the lead, while the Saints were victorious against the Chicago Bears.

division leader

  • Philadelphia (8-1)
  • Detroit (6-2)
  • San Francisco (5-3)
  • New Orleans (5-4)

Wild-Card Race

  • Seattle (5-3)
  • Dallas (5-3)
  • Minnesota (5-4)
  • Washington (4-5)
  • Atlanta (4-5)

In a surprising turn of events, Minnesota pulled off an unexpected win with Dobbs, who had just joined the team on Tuesday, taking over after an injury to Jarren Hall. The win moved the Vikings into the wild-card position, trailing the Washington Commanders by one game. Additionally, the Commanders have an extra win and a head-to-head tiebreaker against the Falcons. Philadelphia, after its win over Dallas and with byes for Detroit and San Francisco, increased its lead in the NFC. Heading into Week 10, the Eagles hold a 1.5-game advantage over their nearest NFC rivals, the best record in the NFL.

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