Tripura Ration Card 2023 Apply Online, RC Details Check, Correction

Tripura Ration Card Application Form 2023, Eligibility & Status Check, Benefits, How to Apply Online for AePDS Tripura Ration Card, RC Details Check @ The launch of a new Tripura Ration Card 2023 Apply Online dubbed “Ration Card 2023” has been announced by the Tripura administration. As on January 1, 2024, the new ration card system will take the place of the current one. Visit the following link to obtain the Tripura ration card list 2023 beneficiary list. Visit this website for further details if you’re interested in applying for a ration card online. Before applying, check through the Tripura Ration Card List 2023 and become familiar with all the new features. With the development of technology and the nation’s move toward digitization, the Tripura government has also established an online platform to facilitate ration card services. 


These portals include AePDS and EPDS Tripura. Since they were originally made available, the state’s general populace has had no problem accessing these digital services. The Tripura Ration Card is one of the most significant papers required in India. The ownership of the card allows the cardholders to purchase basic food products at extremely reduced costs. The costs of all rationed food commodities, including Atta, sugar, salt, rice, oil, pulses, and others, are subsidized for beneficiaries who satisfy the qualifying standards. The Tripura Ration Card 2023 can also serve as identification in a number of other situations.

Tripura Ration Card 2023 Apply Online

The Tripura Ration Card 2023  is distributed by the Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs, which is part of the Tripura government. The department is in responsible for effectively putting the PDS into practice and carrying it through. The acronym is Public Distribution System. The PDS is in charge of ensuring adequate and regular food security throughout the nation. The nation’s poor and underprivileged households get various rationed goods under the system via Fair Price Shops or Ration Shops, including atta, rice, sugar, salt, rice, kerosene oil, pulses, etc.

Tripura Ration Card

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For the state of Tripura, the PDS is under the direction and supervision of the State Food Department. It is fully responsible for all decisions made and steps taken to implement the PDS. In order to identify the groups of eligible beneficiaries and their related needs, the agency also gives out numerous ration cards to the general public.

Tripura Ration Card Overview

NameTripura Ration Card
Higher AuthorityGovernment of Tripura
DepartmentDirectorate of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs, Tripura
Types of Ration Cards– AAY
– DeTO
– DeTO-1
BenefitsDisbursement of essential commodities at subsidized prices
Mode of ApplicationOffline
Application StatusClosed

Tripura Ration Card List 2023 Status

त्रिपुरा राशन कार्ड 2023  खाद्य, नागरिक आपूर्ति और उपभोक्ता मामलों के निदेशालय द्वारा वितरित किया जाता है, जो त्रिपुरा सरकार का हिस्सा है। विभाग पीडीएस को प्रभावी ढंग से व्यवहार में लाने और इसे पूरा करने के लिए जिम्मेदार है। संक्षिप्त नाम सार्वजनिक वितरण प्रणाली है। पीडीएस पूरे देश में पर्याप्त और नियमित खाद्य सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करने के लिए प्रभारी है। देश के गरीब और वंचित परिवारों को इस प्रणाली के तहत आटा, चावल, चीनी, नमक, चावल, मिट्टी के तेल, दालों आदि सहित उचित मूल्य की दुकानों या राशन की दुकानों के माध्यम से विभिन्न राशन वाली वस्तुएं मिलती हैं।

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त्रिपुरा राज्य के लिए, पीडीएस राज्य खाद्य विभाग के निर्देशन और पर्यवेक्षण के अधीन है। यह पीडीएस को लागू करने के लिए किए गए सभी निर्णयों और कदमों के लिए पूरी तरह से जिम्मेदार है। पात्र लाभार्थियों के समूहों और उनकी संबंधित जरूरतों की पहचान करने के लिए, एजेंसी आम जनता को कई राशन कार्ड भी देती है।

Price Chart for Tripura Ration Card Apply Online

The Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Tripura fixed the following prices for ration items of flour, sugar, rice and salt:

Type of TR Ration CardAttaSugarRiceSalt
AAYRs. 13/kgRs. 23/kgRs. 2/kgRs. 7/kg
APLRs. 13/kgRs. 23/kgRs. 13/kgRs. 7/kg
PG/ PHHRs. 13/kgRs. 23/kgRs. 2/kgRs. 7/kg
DeTORs. 13/kgRs. 23/kgRs. 13/kgRs. 7/kg
DeTO-1Rs. 13/kgRs. 23/kgRs. 0/kgRs. 7/kg

Documents Needed for Tripura Ration Card

The following documents must be provided to the authorities while applying for a Tripura Ration Card. The following documents must include truthful and authentic information.

  • Application Form
  • Aadhaar Cards of all the family members
  • PAN Card
  • Copy of Electricity Bill
  • Bank account details
  • Income Certificate
  • Residential Proof
  • Copy of Water Bill
  • Surrender Certificate, if applicable
  • Recent Photographs

Benefits of Tripura Ration Card

A ration card is not required in the state of Tripura. However, it comes with a lot of benefits and extras for the cardholder and the concerned family. Examine the following list.

  • You may get a wide range of food goods, including atta, salt, sugar, rice, etc., at comparatively inexpensive prices.
  • In a number of circumstances, it can serve as identification proof.
  • It may also be used as residential evidence.
  • Utilizing ration cards while applying for government-funded scholarship programsrammes is standard procedure.
  • It helps to determine the afflicted family’s socioeconomic situation.

Procedure for Tripura Ration Card Offline Applications

  • Candidates must visit the relevant District Office or the nearest FPS.
  • the government’s application for a ration card.
  • Fill in all the relevant information in the fields, then sign where it is required.
  • Include the correctly filled-out RC application form with any necessary supporting paperwork.
  • Include a current passport-size picture in the space provided.
  • Send the TR Ration Card application to the authorities.
  • The authorities will give you an acknowledgment slip; be sure to save it carefully.
  • Once the form has been properly checked and approved, the next procedures will begin.
  • A ground-level verification and inspection will be carried out by an authorized Supply Officer.
  • If your application is accepted, your ration card will be sent to your door.

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FAQs – Tripura Ration Card 2023 Apply Online

What do you mean by PDS? Does it really matter?

PDS is an abbreviation for the public distribution system. It is essential to provide food security so that the Indian population may consume enough nutritious food and keep their health.

How long does it take in Tripura to complete a brand-new Ration Card application?

The full application procedure for a new ration card normally takes two to three weeks in the state of Tripura.

How can I submit an online Tripura Ration Card application?

There isn’t currently an online application process for new ration cards in the state of Tripura.

What Is Tripura Ration Card?

A multipurpose legal instrument, ration cards are issued by state governments. All State citizens should have ration cards in order to get discounted food items.

How do I apply for a Tripura Ration Card online?

In the state of Tripura, there isn’t yet an online application process for new ration cards.

What is the processing time for new Ration Card application in Tripura?

Generally, a time period of 2-3 weeks is consumed for the complete application process for a new ration card in the state of Tripura.

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